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Default Value Macro

This PTC Macro allows you to predefine a default value for an existing tag. The PTC Default Value Macro needs to be inserted on the Confluence page from which the Page Tree Creator is started on respectively where the button is placed on. The value entered in the body of the PTC Default Value Macro is then automatically inserted into the corresponding input field in the Replacement Form. Nonetheless the user can still enter his own replacement.

The Tag-ID parameter is not replaced. It's more to be seen as an ID than a tag.

Use case:

You have a project template with a button on the page to create meeting notes. The title of the template pages consist of the project number and the name of the page. For the meeting notes you have a different template which consists of the project number and the current date.

  • Project template:  __project No__ Test Project

  • Meeting notes template: __project No__ __current_date__

Place the PTC Default Value Macro on the project template page next to the button.

→ Tag-ID: __project No__

→ Macro body: __project No__

When a new project is created with the Page Tree Creator, the PTC Default Value Macro parameters get also updated:

→ Tag-ID: __project No__

→ Macro body: 1234

New meeting notes are now created with the default value of the project.

Macro Body

The value entered in the macro body, would be automatically inserted into the input field in the replacement dialog. You can still edit this value in the replacement dialog if you wish to do so.

Macro Parameters




existing tags


If checked, value entered in the macro body will be hidden.

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