One use case for the exempt view feature would be template spaces. Probably you will not want any non-admin users to be able to view the template spaces of you instance, but you will still want them to be able to use buttons where the templates are used. Exempt view Permissions allow you to achieve this. In order for all users to be able to take advantage of this feature an admin will have to set things up.

Firstly they will need to activate the exempt view permissions in the PTC security settings. They will also need to set up buttons for the average user to use. Only they will be able to select any pages from the restricted spaces in the PTC Create Page

All Templates in spaces where Exempt view Permissions is activated will be able to be used by all users despite them not having any form of access to the spaces.

Exempt view allows users to copy pages through a button from specific spaces they don’t have view permissions in.

1. Activate Exempt View Permission for all needed Spaces

  1. For this go to the Security Settings of the Page Tree Creator

  2. Under “Space Permissions” select all needed Spaces

  3. Click “Add”

  4. Activate “Exempt View Permissions” for all Spaces where needed

  5. Click “Save”

2. Create Buttons for Users to use

To take advantage of the “Exempt View Permission” a user in a group that does have view permissions on the restricted spaces must create Buttons where the source page is set to a page in one of those Spaces.

User that don’t have view permissions on the restricted spaces won’t be able to set a page in one of the restricted spaces as source page of a button. They will be able to use the button if the source page is set by another user.

As user with view permission in the restricted spaces:

  1. Go to a confluence page

  2. Add a “PTC Create Page Tree Button” macro

  3. Configure the source page to be a page in a restricted space