Step 1.

Go to any page and open up the macro search by pressing “/” on your keyboard or clicking the insert Button on the top of the page and search for the Create Space Button. Clicking on it will open up the editor of the macro, here you can select the source page you wish to copy to a new space. Fill out the other parameters and then click on insert to insert the macro in to the page:

Step 2.

The button will then be added to the page and clicking on it will open the target selection dialog. Enter a name and key for the Space that will be created. Choose if you want to define a prefix to be added to the titles of all the selected pages. Leave it empty to add no prefix. At the end choose if you want to copy without replacing placeholder values. If this is checked, the placeholder replacement dialog will be skipped and the placeholders will remain on the newly created Space. If unchecked, replacement values for the placeholders can be provided in the placeholder replacement dialog:

Step 3.

Clicking on Next will bring you to the page selection page if “Page Selection” is checked in the button configuration. Check or uncheck pages to be copied in this page tree:


Step 4.

Clicking on Next will bring you to the placeholder replacement dialog. If there are placeholders on any of the selected pages, replacement values for the placeholders can be provided:


Step 5.

Click on Create, wait for the Copy process to finish and redirect you to the newly created Space.