Step 1.

Go to any page and open up the macro search by pressing “/” on your keyboard or clicking the insert Button on the top of the page and search for the Default Value Macro (PRO). Clicking on it will open up the editor of the macro, here you can fill out the parameters and then click on insert to insert the macro in to the page:

Step 2.

Enter the default value in to the macro body, this will be the value, with which, the Placeholder that you configured in Step 2 will be replaced when copying the page (The value can be rich format):

Step 3.

Place the Placeholder configured in Step 1 anywhere on the page or on any child pages.

The Placeholder can also be placed in the title of the page or in the page labels:

Step 4.

Instantiate the copy process:


Step 5.

In the Replace Placeholder Dialog, the default value will be prefilled into the input field next to the corresponding Placeholder, which you declared in Step 1.

Depending on if you checked the Editable checkbox in Step 1, the Placeholder will still be shown in the replacement dialog and you could still change its value:

Step 6.

Finish the Copy process by clicking on Create. All occurrences of the Placeholder got replaced with the default value and the Default Value Macro got copied as it was configured in the source page.