Under General Settings you can setup the Page Tree Creator to your desire.

The direct link for Page Tree Creator Pro is:


The direct link for Page Tree Creator is:


General Configuration



Default Value


Placeholder Markers

Markers are used to identify placeholders which can later be replaced

$$ (two dollars)


Format marker

Marker for format placeholders


$$%d Start date$$

Hide Placeholder markers

A checkbox that can be used to select whether the placeholder markers should be hidden or not in the Page Tree Creator Replacement Form


Use new Space Title as hidden landing page title

The Page Title of the Space’s Home / Landing page is hidden and shows the Space name instead.

If this option is checked, the hidden title of the new Space Landing Page will be the same as the Space Title.


Space Title Instruction

Optional instruction below the Space Title input in the "Copy Space" form.


“Enter the project name here.”

Space Key Instruction

Optional instruction below the Space Key input in the "Copy Space" form.


“Enter the project number here.”

Show EPS Logo

Shows the EPS Header (Logo and Description) in the Page Tree Creator Replacement form


Hide Form Options Section

Hide the options section found in the Replacement Forms.

Those include “Copy attachments” and “Page Title Prefix”.


Show context menu

Choose under what circumstances the Page Tree Creator context menu entries are shown.


Omit Edit Restrictions

Omit edit restrictions for the new Page Tree. If checked, only view restrictions will be applied. This setting can help if you have unprivileged users which need to use Page Tree Creator on edit restricted template spaces.


Permitted Spaces

If at least one space is selected, only spaces from this list can serve as template spaces. If none is selected, all spaces can be used.

This includes both “Copy Page Tree” and “Copy Space”.

None (all spaces are permitted)

Special Groups

Users in these groups are allowed to use "Copy Space" and "Copy Page Tree" from every space. (even if they are not listed in “Permitted Spaces”)



The Page Tree Creator permissions are built on top of the confluence permission system.

  • To create a new page with the Page Tree Creator in any way, you need the specific write permissions for the target space.

  • To create a new page tree from a template with the Page Tree Creator, you need at least Confluence view permission for all pages of the template. Pages which restrict you from viewing them won't be copied.