The Power of OneOffixx Exporter Macros

OOE Macros provide multiple options and solutions to enhance and optimise your page content for maximum results.



OneOffixx Exporter - Button Macro

The OOE Button Macro enables you to choose the template that best fit your needs. Select a template from the dropdown menu that includes all available templates configured by the administrator in the template settings.

OneOffixx Exporter - Field Macro

The OOE Field Macro defines the values of the fields available for the specific template.

OneOffixx Exporter - Ignore Macro

Content placed within the OOE Ignore Macro is excluded from the exported Word/PDF document.

OneOffixx Exporter - Page Orientation Macro

The OOE Page Orientation Macro defines the orientation of the document and can be used multiple times on a page.

This macro will also set the page orientation to be used for the section to follow up until the next Page Orientation Macro, or until the end of the body element, depending on the latter.

OneOffixx Exporter - Page Break Macro

The OOE Page Break Macro enables you to set page breaks in your Confluence page, thus creating a new page.

OneOffixx Exporter - Format Table Macro

The OOE Format Table Macro enables you to choose and configure a preset style to be applied on your document tables.