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Further configuration

Under Further configuration users have the possibility to exclude or include specific links. There is also the option to enable the scanning of email addresses.

Links can be included or excluded from the scanning process. Each line in the include or exclude option is treated as a separate parameter where every parameter is treated as a regular expression. For example this means that dot characters (.) are matching against any character. lychee’s equivalent documentation can be found at Filtering Links.

Links can be excluded from the scanning process. One of the reasons to that is to ignore false positives.

By default links are included in the scanning process. If however a link is excluded by a previous rule it can be included again, meaning that includes take precedence over excludes. This makes sense if the inclusion is more specific than the exclusion.


For example atlassian\.com could be excluded while confluence\.atlassian\.com could be included again. Note that if the dot character was unescaped (not prefixed with \) a domain such as would also be excluded.

Email addresses

Users optionally can enable the scanning of email addresses. This option is disabled by default. lychee’s equivalent feature is documented in Mail Addresses.

Accepted status codes

Links are considered to be working if they return a valid HTTP status code. In many cases, the default behaviour of which status codes are accepted and which are rejected is sufficient. But some websites may return erroneous status codes that the user considers as successful. (→ false positive) lychee’s related option is documented under Status Codes.

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