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Signer Macro

The Signer Macro allows you to easily sign pages.

Macro Editor

Here, you will find a checkbox that allows you to hide the settings icon in the view mode of the page.

Macro Editor | Image
Screenshot from 2024-04-25 10-03-56.png

Macro Configuration

After adding the macro to the page, you can open the configuration by clicking the settings icon in the view mode of the page.

Within the macro configuration, you can add groups that are permitted to use the button. By default, access to the button is available to everyone.

Macro Configuration | Image


Add Signature

After you press the Sign Page button, you can enter a text. This text will be shown next to the signed tag. Optionally, you can also add an image of a signature.

Add Signature | Image


Signed Page

Once you have submitted your signature and or text, the page will be signed.

Signed Page | Image


After you signed a page you won’t have edit permission on this page. Reverting this you have to reset the page permission.

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