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Poll Macro

The Poll Macro allows users to easily create polls directly on a page.

Configure Poll

Insert the macro on a page and you'll be presented with the configure poll tab. To create a poll you are required to enter a poll title and options for the participants to choose from.

Optionally, you have the ability to restrict the poll to specific users by setting permitted groups. This means that only users who belong to one of the selected groups will be able to vote. If no groups are specified, every user will have the ability to vote.

Configure Poll Tab | Image

Place Vote

If a poll has been created you and all other users will be presented with the voting tab. Each user has one vote which can not be changed after submitting. Once you have selected your vote use the Place Vote button.

Place Vote | Image

View the Results

Once you have submitted your vote or are not permitted to participate, you will be redirected to the results tab.

View the Results | Image

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