Create a Advanced Excerpt

Insert the Advanced Excerpt macro

  1. Go to any page you want to have your Excerpt content

  2. Insert an Advanced Excerpt macro

  3. Enter a Excerpt Name (We use for this guide “Info page in progress”)

Insert macro | Image
Enter excerpt name | Image

Add content

  1. Now we enter a Info Panel with the content “This page is still in progress - changes included”

  2. Now save this page.

Adding info panel | Image


Created page | Image

Include new created Excerpt

Insert the Advanced Excerpt Include macro

  1. Go to a new page

  2. Insert an Advance Excerpt Included

  3. In the first dropdown select the page where your Advanced Excerpt is located

  4. In the second dropdown you select your Advanced Excerpt name. (In this guide ‘Info page in progress’)

  5. Click Insert.

Insert macro | Image
Macro editor | Image


Created page | Image